About Us

DaBlend Show is a show that is designed to give you DaBlend of Washington DC based music sound of Go-Go, Rap, R&B, Neo-Soul etc etc of local artist that will be given love inside the DaBlend Show but DaBlend Show opens the door to artist from ANY area.

DaBlend Show also give you news, sports, weather, and great comical conversation throughout the broadcast by its jocks DJ D-Money, NekaRay & Bootsy Vegas.

Such segments we bring you are Topic Of The Evening, The Wild-Out Session where anythings goes, great interviews with people making a mark, and most important YOU can be apart of all these live indirectly thru DaBlend Show, just make sure you save or bookmark this page to stay in DaBlend with us.

Do you have music you would like to hear on DaBlend Show, then submit your track to dablendshow@yahoo.com and you just might hear it in the regular rotation inside DaBlendShow!!

Checkout our 24hrs music streaming service via your mobile device. Just download the “TUNEIN RADIO” its a FREE app from your app store and search SoDCRadio Live!!